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地址:8A Hardy Street, Liverpool L1 5EF
电话 : 0151 709 2637

永兴隆超级市场 W H Lung Building, Blackstone Street, Liverpool L5 9TZ 0151 207 0077 map button
鸿图贸易有限公司 Upper Duke Street, Liverpool L1 9DU 0151 708 6035 map button


Adams Adams Cash & Carry
183 Great Howard Street, Liverpool L3 7DL
Tel: 0151 207 2095
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Adams is the largest group of specialist catering cash & carry stores in the UK. Adams provides high quality catering products for all the main ethnic and traditional food sectors. Adams specialises in particular with the Chinese, Indian, Fish & Chips, Fast Food and Italian food sectors. Sourcing goods from around the globe, Adams offers a huge range of products at unbeatably low prices. So from carrier bags to frozen duck Adams is your one stop shop for all your catering needs.

  • 冷冻鸡 / 鸭
  • 冷冻大虾
  • 冷冻薯条
  • 新鮮牛肉
  • 新鮮蔬菜
  • 长粒大米
  • 汽水和饮料
  • 罐头蔬菜: 竹笋, 马头, 小玉米,,霜式玉米,,草菇,等等
  • 面类, 虾片,,薯类淀粉, 味精,等等
  • 食品包装 No2, No6,C650, C500 ,等等
  • 袋和包装
  • 清洗产物
We have now extended our services to the catering industry in Liverpool. Adams Cash & Carry is conveniently situated at 183 Great Howard Street, Liverpool, L3 7DL, telephone: 01512072095.

Please come to visit our Cash & Carry store or checkout our Website: You'll find our prices surprisingly competitive.

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